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Music... The Card Games! contains a series of games that is sure to engage all types of people, from age 6 and up, from the completely casual non-musical gamer up to the doctorally educated maestros in your life.

Music... The Card Games! is fundamentally different from traditional playing cards in 3 KEY WAYS:​

(1) Two different values are contained on every card, so the idea of a "suit" is completely irrelevant. If you fan the cards in one direction, you get note letter values, and to use chord changes as a different value, simply fan the cards in the opposite direction.

(2) Music... The Card Games! is centered around chord spellings and musical intervals in music. This means that those who have studied music can actually play WITH their knowledge of music, instead of having to play other music games that are generally a series of flashcards or quiz questions.

(3) Correct plays are indicated directly on each card, so even casual gamers who have not studied music can play most games in very little time, with very little effort.


6 games are included with each deck, along with suggested "variations on the themes" to customize your experiences for whatever mood you and your friends are in at the time. Try the "Ensemble" style games for more interaction with your friends, and the "Diva" style games for a faster-paced competitive experience.


Progression (ensemble style) can be learned by children in less than five minutes, but you could hone your favorite strategy for the rest of your life. Try it for some casual turn-based fun. If you like Uno but always wish their was an option for more strategy, this is the perfect game for you. Musicians will love the fact that it GENERATES NEW CHORD PROGRESSIONS with each hand that's played!


Collective Improvisation (diva style) will help new musicians learn the ever-important intervals of thirds, and will have the musicians playing cards at a fast and competitive pace.


Trial by Triad (diva style) is the favorite theory showdown of all musicians. One simple premise: Find triads as fast as possible. This is also great as a solitaire for those new to music.


4'33" (ensemble style) is the best way to spend 5 minutes of free time if you aren't feeling competitive. Your team will make a giant crossword using both notes and chord changes, and try to identify a missing mystery card in only 4 minutes and 33 seconds. You WILL need to work together to win. If you think you're really good... try to win without talking. ;-)


The 60 playing cards contain:

- 5 of each of the 12 "letter-note" values

- 8, "I" roman numerals

- 8, "ii" roman numerals

- 8, "iii" roman numerals

- 7, "IV" roman numerals

- 9, "V" roman numerals

- 8, "vi" roman numerals

- 7, "viio" roman numerals

- 4 "play/rewind" values

- 1 "D.S. al fine" value


7th Heaven (ensemble style) is a casually paced game for musicians that uses your favorite seventh chords to make a hybrid between rummy and go fish. This one is also great for more advanced theory students.


Circle of Fists (ensemble style) takes your knowledge of music theory to a whole new level. Plan your strategy to collect the most famous chord progression, the circle of fifths. This is a game unlike any other game you've played: the cards are your betting currency and will still dictate your strategy at the same time!


Play some "Music" with ​your friends!

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