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The Classroom / Studio Package will grant you 8 decks for your teaching pleasure along with printing permissions for either yourself or your organization.  Your purchase will include digitally watermarked pdf files to the Workbook, Training Pack Expansion Flashcards, and a 2-sided piano keyboard printable. With printing permissions, you are licensed to produce as many copies as you need, for however many classes you wish to accomodate, for however long you wish to do so.  Your organization will start saving money in its very first year of use.


** Please note that the workbook program along with Music... The Card Games! teaches chord-spellings and major scales very thoroughly at the keyboard; it does not teach formal written notation. **


Purchased separately, this package would cost $610 to use with a classroom of 30 students for one year/semester.  These discounts are offered for one reason... to promote Music Education in the current world that we live in.  Please take advantage of this opportunity, and thank you for teaching music!

Classroom / Studio Package

SKU: 366615376135191
  • The Classroom / Studio Package includes:

    - 8 complete decks of "Music... the Card Games!" playing cards.

    - Printing Permissions for your organization to generate new Workbooks and Training Pack Cards.

    - A digital copy of the Workbook.

    - A digital copy of the Training Pack Cards.

    - A digital copy of a 2-sided practice keyboard printable.


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