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The Training Pack is great for those who are new to Music!


The package includes a deck of Music... the Card Games!, our 40-page digital workbook to guide you through all of the musical concepts that make the games possible, and free digital printables of the "Training Pack Flashcards" and "Practice Keyboard" as special bonuses... because we like helping people to learn!


**Please note that this package is NOT designed to teach formal written music notation**  The entire package together will teach you how to confidently spell chords and major scales at the piano. You'll soon be able to play the harmonies to your favorite songs and sing along, and challenge your musical friends to every last part of Music... the Card Games!  Happy Learning!

Training Pack

SKU: 364215375135191
  • The Training Pack contains:

    - A deck of Music... The Card Games! (60 playing cards & 7 rule cards, boxed)

    - A 40-page digital workbook that will lead you through the names of the keys on the keyboard, all the way up to spelling seventh chords, major scales, and chords dependent on the scales. Each chapter contains descriptions, diagrams, and written exercises to fully illustrate each concept, and each chapter corresponds to a Music... The Card Games! game for additional practice.

    SPECIAL BONUSES: We will send you free digital copies of our Training Pack Expansion Flashcards and a 2-sided printable practice keyboard. (Cut-and-fold assembly required for best use) 

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